Carbon Dioxide Incubator     
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Carbon Dioxide Incubator (GTI-004)

In biology an incubator is a device used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell culture.The incubator maintains optimal temperature humidity and other conditions such as the carbon dioxide and oxygen content of the atmosphere inside.Incubators are essential for a lot of experimental work in cell biology microbiology and molecular biology and are used to culture both bacterial as well as eukaryotic cells


  • One chamber Carbon Dioxide incubator with work chamber volume approx. 150 liters.
  • Air jacketed heating system (not direct heating system) with temperature control by microprocessor
  • Temperature Range from ambient ±3°C to ±55°C
  • Temperature Deviation with respect to time is ±0.1K
  • Carbon Dioxide control by Microprocessor based and by heat resistant Thermal Conductivity detector to withstand heat of decontamination
  • Carbon Dioxide range 0 to 20% or better and Carbon Dioxide accuracy ±0.1% by volume, Carbon Dioxide recovery time for 5%
  • Carbon Dioxide  : less than 5 min
  • The System shall be having Interactive Control with Touch Screen.
  • Fast Recovery time for temperature, CO2 and Humidity.
  • Temperature recovery time at37°C:_10 min.
  • Humidity recovery at 95% RH _20 minutes. 
  • The System shall be having built-in automatic decontamination facility to remove bacteria, fungi, spores, mycoplasma etc. without removing sensor, fan or any other fitting.
  • The system would employ automatic decontamination routine at moist heat of 90°C or dry heat of 180°C
  • At least 3 numbers stainless steel perforated shelves would be supplied
  • Interior chamber would be made of stainless steel with electro polish finish to have highest quality of inner
  • Surface with rounded corners on all sides for easy cleaning. No plastic should be inside to avoid VOC.
  • Built-in audible and visual water level alarm would be available when the water reservoir needs to be refilled to ensure a constant high level of humidity
  • Suitable for 230 V, single phase 50 Hz operation.
  • Suitable servo voltage stabilizer with high voltage low voltage cut off circuit, auto reset with delay timer and
  • Spike eliminator etc. and double stage Carbon Dioxide  pressure regulator with stainless steel diaphragm.
  • It would be include 3 numbers of 18 Kg or more Carbon Dioxide Cylinders with regulators.
Size of Inner Chamber W X H X D CAPACITY NO. OF SHELVES
300 X 300 X 300 mm 28 litre 2
355 X 355 X 355 mm 45 litre 2
455 X 455 X 455 mm 95 litre 2
455 X 605 X 455 mm 125 litre 3
605 X 605 X 605 mm 221 litre 3
605 X 910 X 455 mm 250 litre 3
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