Ethylene oxide gas sterilizer     
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Ethylene oxide gas sterilizer (GTE-001)

Genist Ethylene oxide gas sterilizers are designed to be used with Ethylene oxide gas cartridge to provide a safe & effect temperature sterilization process for Hospital , Cath Lab , Medical Institutions,

Eye Specialists, ortho Specialists Etc.
Genist has reliable EO Sterilizers that provide a latest technology. Genist sterilizer uses Ethylene oxide to sterilize heat and /or moisture sensitive Devices.
All Model Available in semi /fully automatic.


•    All sensors linked to the automation, ensure reliability and failsafe operation.
•    Screen  on control panel indicates specific phase during the operation.
•    Every cycle there is a Leak test period; which checks the leakage and aborts the cycle if there is a leakage in the  system.
•    Negative chamber pressure ensures that gas cannot escape into operating area.
•    Locked door sensor  during cycle
•    Constant watch over entries and break diagnostic from automation, which warns the operator, by means of messages on indicator and buzzer.
•    Cycle completion record is shown on the printout.
•    Chamber and cabinet made of high grade stainless steel .
•    PLC display 7’’ colour touch screen.
•    Control System provides Strict control of  vacuum , chamber temperature ,exposure /aeration time.
•    Three degassing cycles, before aeration starts, to enhance removal of residual EO.




In FULLYAUTOMATIC , the sterilization is a one – touch operation; where the operator loads the material in the trolley provided along with the machine, closes the door and then presses the Start button to initiate the cycle; the cycle then continues on its own and after sterilizing and aerating the load; informs the operator that the cycle is complete. Once stored this program cannot be modified with invoking the password command.



A separate set of operating switches are provided to enable the operator to take a cycle in manual.


Size of Inner Chamber IN MM IN CFT CAPACITY
300 X 300 X 900 2.6 CFT (78Litres)
320 X 320 X 1200 4.5 CFT (125Litres)
350 X 350 X 1200 5.2 CFT (150Litres)
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