Portable Autoclave     
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Portable Autoclave (GTA-002)

Portable Autoclave body & Lid is constructed of deep drawn aluminum sheet. To    give the aesthetic look the outer is painted with powder coated paint. Provided with double safety valves, pressure gauge and pressure release valve.  It can maintain pressure upto 1.2 Kg./ cum.2 A tripod stand is provided in the unit for keeping bowls etc. Fitted with ISI marked water heaters of gas stove as desired.

  • The body is constructed of thick aluminium sheet duly deep drawn without any joint.
  • The lid is also joint less fitted with high grade neoprene/silicon gasket.
  • Suitable of general laboratory use as well as for field sterilization of instrument and dressings etc.
  • Dome shaped Stainless Steel lid is provided which seals the autoclave with neoprene/silicon joint less gasket.
  • The lid is tightened to the body when closed.
  • The working pressure is 1.1 to 1.2Kg./cm2 (15-18PSI).
  • The seamless construction allow no bacteria residue & free from dirt accumulation.
  • It is equipped with dial pressure gauge 0- 30PSI, spring loaded safety valve, dead weight type safely
  • valve and steam release valve.
  • The load is held in dressing drums (optional), which is supported on a stand (tripod) the autoclave is
  • hydraulically tested at twice the working pressure as per ISI requirement. It is fitted with ISI marked heater.


  • It is also available in powder coating paint finish
  • These can also be supplied non electric type to be used with Kerosene Stove or Gas heated.
Available In Sizes Of
10 Litre
16 Litre
25 Litre
35 Litre
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