Blood Bank Refrigerator     
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Blood Bank Refrigerator (GTP-001)

Blood Bank Refrigerator mounted on a sturdy angle frame with wheels at the bottom. It is double walled.  The inner chamber is made of SS 304 and outer of CRC sheet painted with powder coated paint after seven tank treatment.  The temperature is maintained from 4 deg. C. to 6 deg. C. Temp. Is controlled by digital temperature controller cum indicator.  Unit is complete with audio visual alarm, door operated alarm, power supply failure alarm, circular chart recorder and safety thermostat.  Hermetically sealed compressor for cooling and finned type air heater for heating is provided.  Trays are provided with index system.  Inner glass door/ glass window is provided for easy viewing.  It work on 220/230 V AC supply.

  • Solid-state electronic temperature controller; pre-set for +4°C operation.
  • Microprocessor T100-1 alarm/monitor system with digital temperature display resolution to 0.1°C.
  • Three on-board test functions to verify system readiness.
  • Built-in electronic 7-day circular chart temperature recorder, standard, for permanent record of operating
  • Dual air circulating fans for maximum temperature uniformity throughout cabinet.
  • Fluorescent interior lighting with on/off switch.
  • It is available in various Capacities for storing the blood bags/bottles in an automatically controlled temperature of 2°C. To 6°C. Temperature rangesof 2-6 degrees are also maintained.
  • The height of the equipment could also be adjusted. Forced air circulation
    ensures uniform temperature.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of high precision and superior quality
    blood bank equipment that helps in the entire process of blood collection.
  • The range is actually very comprehensive and includes all the instruments
    and equipment that are required in the blood collection process like,
    blood bank refrigerator, tube sealer manual, donor couch, tube sealer
    electronic, blood collection monitor and plasma extractor. comes with
    Proper Alarm system, door opened Alarm is one of the Feature.
  • Proper lighting especially of the inside chambers facilities are provided.

Temperature inside the chamber is maintained automatically by electronic digital temp. Controller-cumindicator.
An audiovisual alarm system is incorporated with battery backup in Case of mains failure or
temperature variation beyond permitted Tolerance or door opening to prevent the spoilage of stored blood
Bags. Inside illumination is provided for visibility of bags kept Inside the chamber.

Control Panel: All controls such as digital temperature Controller-cum indicator, mains switches, indicating
lights, battery Check switch, Audio visual alarm, & voltmeter are easily accessible.
Power supply: Suitable to work on 220 V, 50Hz, AC supply.

Optional Accessories: Weekly temperature Voltage stabilizer – 3 KVA / 4 KVA

Capacity Outer Chamber
40 Litre (24 bags)
85 Litre (50 bags)
165 Litre (10 bags)
215 Litre (200 bags)
280 Litre (250 bags)
400 Litre (360 bags)
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