Hot Air Oven     
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Hot Air Oven (GTO-001)

Elegantly designed and fabricated to suit various applications in ever-growing field of Medical, Agricultural and Industrial Research; for day to day heating, drying, sterilizing, baking etc., in Laboratories, Hospitals & Industries.

  • Ovens are sturdy, with double walled construction.
  • Inner Chamber made of ALUMINIUM or STAINLESS STEEL sheet.
  • Outer chamber is made of mild steel sheet, finished with white powder coated paint.
  • The gap between the walls is filled up with special grade glass wool for proper insulation to avoid heat losses.
  • Inner chamber has ribs For placing the shelves at convenient levels.
  • Supplied with 2 or 3 removable shelves.
  • It is fitted with heavy hinges with a ball Catcher,
  • Spring loaded door closing device. Door is duly insulated. 
  • Heating elements are made of high quality nickel/chrome plated nichrome wire which are put inside beads and placed at the bottom and in both the side ribs for Uniform temperature all over the work space.
  • Temperature control knob is graduated in centigrade degrees. Ovens are supplied without thermometer.
  • Air Ventilators are placed near the top of the both sides to remove Hot gases and fumes if any.
  • Comprising of switch to ON/OFF the power, switch to select high or low rates of heating, thermostat control knob and indicators for mains and thermostats.
  • Digital Display Temp. Controller-Cum-Indicator In lieu of thermostat

  • Temperature Alarm

  • Thermometer


Size of Inner Chamber W X H X D CAPACITY NO. OF SHELVES
300 X 300 X 300 mm 28 Litre 2
355 X 355 X 355 mm 45 Litre 2
455 X 455 X 455 mm 45 Litre 2
455 X 605 X 455 mm 125 Litre 3
605 X 605 X 605 mm 221 Litre 3
605 X 910 X 455 mm 250 Litre 3
605 X 910 X 605 mm 333 Litre 3
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